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Why Writing Blog Posts is (Maybe) as Helpful as Reading Blog Posts

I gain a lot of knowledge from reading blogs.  I get a lot of new ideas about things I don’t know, or about things I know little about.  When I am thrashing on something and can’t seem to find what I need, there is often a blog post somewhere that helps me find the answers I seek.

I had never written a technical blog before, just frivolous things that never went anywhere.  Having been writing a “big girl blog” for 5 months now, I’ve gained a neat new experience. 

I’m learning from myself. 

A lot of these things that I write about start as nebulous ideas in my head, or things that I work with so closely that I can’t distinguish where to begin writing about them.  I generally just push through and write them.  When I’m done (after 1,000 edits), I have nailed that nebulous blob down into solid ideas that make sense to me.  Doing this gives me a clearer understanding of the concept, the ability to teach others (now that I have the words to do so), and I am, in general, much more confident in applying my knowledge to everyday work situations.  Additionally, the comments I get help me think a little bigger about what I write and see things from a different perspective (or give me new ideas that support my ideas/opinions).

I used to be terrified of writing a blog.  I felt like I didn’t know how to write and I was afraid that people would see how colloquial my posts were and write them off as juvenile and glib.  I felt like I had nothing to write about because I was a n00b and didn’t really have any experience.  A lot of things worked against me to make me not want to blog, but eventually, with a little (read: a lot of) pushing, I started.

All I had to do was write what I knew.  My colloquial voice calmed down a little (read: barely) as I got more comfortable with writing.  Ideas came easier as I gained experience from my environment.

My point (finally) is that blogging can help you solidify a lot of your own ideas just by talking them out.  If you don’t want to blog, that is 100% super ok.  If you are afraid to blog, get off your ass and just do it.  You might surprise yourself with how much you know, and you might surprise yourself with how much you can teach others.